Ad Words campaign- rank on the first page of Google’s results

If you want to attract new customers, increase your sales and revenue, Adwords campaign is the right choice for you and your company.

Majority of people look for the thing you offer on the internet. AdWords marketing is the way to help them to find you among numerous websites.

AdWords advertising is Google’s system of paid adverts and in last few years, the most effective and the most cost-effective way of advertising in our country as well as in the entire world. Using this you confirm that your offer will always be on the first page of Google’s search results, which is of great importance in the modern world.

What’s good to know about Google marketing?

Google is definitely the most popular search engine today. Through it over billion inquiries are done daily (around 95% of overall search). It presents a new market and provides a huge potential for advertising. Within several minutes, a message reaches a million of potential clients. When we type a certain term in Google search engine, we get thousands of pages with results. According to statistics, 80% of people look only at the first page, less second page whereas others stay unseen.
The question is how clients will get to your products or services if your website is on the 3,4,5…10 page of Google’s search results? That’s why you need AdWords advertising. Stay ahead of your competitors and reach the top.

How AdWords marketing improves your business or why is it important to be first on Google?

If you aren’t on the first page on Google, it’s like you don’t exist on the internet. AdWords campaign guarantees your ranking among first results for the thing you offer. 

Target customers when looking for something on Google, find you and your advertisement first. How? By typing key words, items, phrases in search space. The only thing you should do is to find keywords and items that customer types. Pay for the keyword and boost your ranking from 5,6,10 page to very fast.

5 benefits of AdWords campaign comparing to other ways of advertising

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Advertising on Google is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising today. With small investment you get big results, and the money you invest returns multiply and quickly. For instance, renting of only one advertising place in popular newspapers costs as 3 months of advertising on the first page of Google.
  1. Accurate targeting. Unlike newspaper or TV adverts, your advert recognizes only people interested in your offer, potential clients who need your products and services at the moment.
  2. Business improvement and revenue increase. The results of AdWords campaign are visible at the short period of time. Minimal invested resourses will pay off utmost, majority of companies record fast increase in their business and profit.
  3. Campaign control. During running a company a complete insight is available all the time through weekly and monthly reports. Based on this, you can change a content or advert  budget while you reach desired goals.
  4. Measurable results. The results of campaign are very accurate and measurable. Advertising is paid only when someone clicks on your advert and Google takes all measures to prevent misuse.

Leave your campaign to our web marketing agency

Our marketing agency has been dealing successfully with internet marketing advertising for many yearsWe have been dealing with AdWords campaigns continually last 7 years. Our clients were the companies that started their business bur also big well- developed companies. We worked with a great number of clients, saved ten thousands of euros, enhanced companies’ profits by multiple. Take a look at the reference list of our clients. By engaging our web and internet marketing agency you get:

  • Payable and effective internet campaign for companies of different fields and size
  • Effective adverts that will sell your products and services
  • Accurate targeting of aim group of potential clients
  • Continual monitoring of the campaign and advice how to get the best results
  • Investment control and optimal budget use
  • Appropriate keywords by which clients will find you
  • Increased number of new clients and revenue
  • Accurate analysis of all campaign’s aspects, after it finishes

Don’t waste your time and money

on old-fashioned, ineffective, expensive marketing channels but focus on your business and leave your advertisement campaign to our professional team of experts. Adjust your expenses to your needs and possibilities.

The price for Google AdWords marketing depends on the purpose of your adverts, marketing budget and deadline for reaching your goal. The thing that should not be avoided is the effective campaign on Google search engine – basic package. However, if you want your Google textual advert to be visible on other visited websites, portals forum etc. (on Display advertising network) we can also do for you an advanced version of advertising – by creating websites that will be visible on the most visited websites in our country and abroad (Advance package). And for graphics illustration or animation lovers here is Ultra package: creating Google banners: texts, images, call to action, advanced system settings etc.

The price of AdWords services includes the following things:

  • FREE OF CHARGE website analysis of your company or organization
  • Daily monitoring of changes on Google marketplace
  • Daily updates of AdWords campaign
  • Accurate defining of word and item lists that potential customers type to get to your product/ service
  • Free of charge 30 days online internet marketing course
  • Accurate monthly Google analytics about advertising effects and most visited website pages
  • Regular reports about all activities and results

Determine your budget and we will take care that you get the value for the money.

Find the people who want to find you!