Build your Internet Marketing Team and conquer the Internet

Do you want to reduce costs and increase profit of your business? Would you like your company to grow and make income even when you sleep?

Find out how to build an effective internet marketing team and get a website that sells 24 hours, 7 days a week. Learn about the most important Internet tools and how to use them best for your business. Discover the benefits of digital marketing and achieve safe and fast success.

Sign up your employees to our 3 months training course and build your own internet marketing team. Your staff will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to manage all significant internet marketing activities. You will be amazed by the acquired tactics and methods that will make your business stand out among the competition. Your business will attract more new customers while maintaining quality relationships with existing ones. And the best of all – you are multiplying your profit as you go along.

Start running outstanding marketing campaigns with your winning internet marketing team!

Design system that will keep your company up-to-date with the news and technology development. Identify your needs and make sure your business follows the road to success.

Traditionally trained internet marketing experts working on long-established and standard patterns of action can no longer achieve desired and necessary results. Traditional sales are no longer sufficient to reach high business goals. Moreover, investing a large sum in marketing activities without adequately tracking results and statistics and continually improving and adapting, inevitably causes a wrong perception of marketing as a cost rather than as an investment that brings a profit. There comes internet marketing as a solution to a problem.

The digital era has forever changed the way we do business. Nowadays, companies can achieve better and more significant results with smaller investments. Why not use this fact and ensure the progress of your business?

What do you need? A reliable and successful internet marketing team which has a wide and proven knowledge in all spheres of digital marketing. We can help you create this team.

Why training and not hiring internet marketing experts?

Online presentation is a very important business segment; it maintains the image of your company and sells it to a wide range of potential customers. Therefore, creating and managing this image is a job that should be taken seriously. Also, the search for reliable internet marketing experts is a long, exhausting and ultimately unsecured job that requires additional costs, and for which you have no guarantee of a positive outcome.

Internet marketing experts within your company

Get to desired and visible results as soon as possible by investing in someone who is already in your team, someone who knows how the company works and who you trust. In doing so, you will get a productive, dedicated and cost-effective team member who will gladly join you in your road to excellence.

What makes a successful internet marketing department?

In order to be successful in conducting digital marketing activities and implementing advertising strategies and campaigns, it is necessary to have dedicated and highly trained employees who possess the necessary knowledge and skills and know when and how to use them effectively. What do your employees need to know?

  • Basics of digital marketing – basic tools and how to use it, how to define target group and market, how to manage a budget...
  • Copywriting – creative writing of convincing, educational, appealing marketing and sales texts for the blog, paid ads, social media posts, in order to attract and increase the number of new clients
  • SEO – keywords and their implementation, using Google tools, implementing an efficient optimization strategy to increase visibility on the Internet and beat the competition
  • Running Google AdWords Campaigns - running an online marketing campaign and creating ads in the largest online marketing software Google AdWords
  • Running marketing campaigns and social media promotional activities (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn ...) - creating and managing fan pages, attracting new members, communicating with current and potential clients, creating Facebook and Instagram advertisements...
  • Website administration - maintenance and improvement of site performance
  • Statistics and analysis of results  to improve future marketing activities

Our job is to build an internet marketing department which will help you create a team customized to suit your company’s needs. With minimal investments, bring your business to a higher level. Your employees will gain needed knowledge and within 3 months you will run successful online marketing campaigns with measurable results.

What will you get after just 3 months of training?

The knowledge and skills gained through the building an internet marketing department training course within your company will enable you to:

  • Improve your business
  • Reduce the costs of marketing activities (Internet promotion is far cheaper and efficient and therefore more cost-effective than traditional marketing)
  • Create a productive and efficient internet marketing team which will independently create and run online marketing campaigns
  • Maintain and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers
  • Present your offer 24/7 to an unlimited number of customers in the country and beyond
  • Drastically increase your company's profits


Internet marketing team working together

Service tailored to the wishes and needs of your business

We are here to show and open the opportunities in front of you, while the decision is solely yours

Write us about your needs and the flaws of your team. We can make internet experts from your employees in a very short time. We will propose a plan for building an internet marketing team, specially shaped for your company. Start seriously saving both money and time today, as your personal Internet marketing team will make it happen.