Copywriting services – Creating advertising texts on websites

What would be your answer to the question what a good website is? Anyhow, there are many criteria we estimate some website by– graphics solutions, content, search engine visibility, web design technology etc. There is, actually, only one correct answer: a good website is the one that serves the purpose. Every other website is unnecessary expense and can do more harm than good. If you are in charge of sales, your website has to boost the number of new clients and enhance the sales and revenue.

A good website is the one that sells your products and services.

Would you accept a present of 200euros or you would prefer to be told how you can get a 1000euros regularly? Information is the thing that makes the world go round and changes it as well, not a random one, but the information that is useful, accurate, understandable and interesting. Majority of people spend their time on the internet every day, looking for different kind of things, data, advice etc and they finally get them.  Why wouldn’t you, exactly you, be the one who will easily find, understand, like our services and later use them? The right information is the one that has a crucial influence on “seekers” to become your customers, exactly yours.

It is, for certain, possible and realistic and you will see how.

Copywriting – a content which completely changes the rules of the game

Do you have an attractive website? Well done! Is it used as a good tool for advertising and selling? Does it serve the purpose? Interesting graphics solutions are easy to buy, it’s the fact. However, having a tempting content, which initiates an action, convinces your customers and sells products efficiently, is nowadays a very rare thing. It’s not important what, but how we talk. The power of words is enormous as long as we know how to use it.

 The way we address somebody, our potential customers for instance, can have a great influence on the efficiency. Too much text and they are gone. Too little text and they are gone. Inappropriate text and they are gone. Only one correctly written word can boost our sales several times and vice versa.

SEO copywriting: Writing, but also the choice of key words

Key words are not only important when talking about customers but even when the internet search engines are in question, Google in the first place. The texts on your websites should be attractive not only to our visitors but to Google as well.

The word is about so called SEO copywriting (the content adapted to the search engine requirements and people’s feelings). Benefits are multiple:

  • When people search on the internet the products or services you offer, they will find you first rather than your competition, you will be visible therefore you will boost the number of your visitors
  • Your customers will get the right information that will encourage them to take action(further reading and purchase) that will present  in the best light, as professionals
  • Visitors’ interest in the thing you want to convey and present influences the time they spend on your website, which respectively has a positive effect on your website position on Google page; people share and recommend interesting contents enhancing your visibility in the business world
  • When they visit your website, they will not want to click the close red button on the upper right corner within seconds, because you are not interesting, useful, honest and convincing enough

Having a good website is apparently, nowadays, a bare necessity, not a luxury. Recently, there has been a saying that who is not on the internet, they do not exist. Competition is fierce, so if you want to succeed, you have to distinguish yourself. Creating a website is not such a problem as its proper maintenance can be and often is a big problem. Think about the following fact: the expenses for inappropriate website maintenance are from 1500 to 2000euros annually. Who needs this? You have a websites which should bring you money not take it away. It is quite logical.

Creating a website that sells

We do not offer fancy words but something totally different! If you consider that you can have more advantages of your website than you used to, why don’t you use the opportunity to have free of charge consultations with our marketing and copywriting team of experts? We will analyze your website, determine your current situation and suggest practical solutions:

  • Catchy headlines,
  • Front page that raises curiosity and desire for further reading
  • Informative and interesting texts about products and services,
  • Professional page, About Us, which will increase your credibility and possibility to gain clients’ trust,
  • Specific advantages they have, cooperating with you compared to your competitors
  • Clear and apparent benefits by using your products/services
  • Working on pages that are usually neglected but crucial for readers: questions and answers, contacts, career, news, blog etc.

Simply, everything needed for your website to shine! Website visitor should say: “ Yeah! This is exactly what I need!”.

Copywriting services cover redesign (current text corrections), as well as your content design from cover to cover.

How much money is needed to make your website start to sell?– to see your business booming?

It all depends on your goals, wishes, needs and possibilities. The thing you want will be done for you in the shortest possible period.There is an ongoing promotional period where you are provided a big discount on copywriting services.

The things included in the price of copywriting/marketing website are:

  • FREE OF CHARGE Copywriting analysis (advertising –sales analysis) of your website
  • 10-12 texts on inside pages and front page of your website
  • Creating texts for marketing slogans for sliders
  • Creating advertising headlines for banners on the front page
  • Creating leads (short marketing messages on the front page).

You also get two blog texts for your blog FREE OF CHARGE. Texts which rank your website higher in search results. We can also create individual, mini copywriting projects, for instance, creating sales newsletters ( text and graphics), sales letters (texts), catalogues, brochures, fliers (text and graphics), textual adverts for Google, Facebook etc. We invest our creativity that leads to success, experience and proven skills. We want you to be our satisfied client.