Do you 100% understand what you can achieve using internet marketing techniques, how much money and time you can save?

It is said and written a lot about online marketing: how to attract customers to your website, how to use Google analytics, what keywords to choose, ranking on search engines, online adverts etc. However, all these things stay a dead letter on the paper, because companies still have a problem to launch on the market by attracting sufficient number of customers and most importantly, survive in the jungle of competitors. According to data even 72% of companies do not have clear marketing activity goals whereas 47% do not have any marketing plan at all.

A logical question is imposed- why? There are several answers:

  • Despite loads of information about internet marketing, it still stays unclear to majority of people- they know neither what to do exactly nor by which order, it happens sometimes that they do not know why they should do exactly that
  • Instead of looking at a bigger picture, companies get lost in details – for instance, companies often pay for website optimization, but again there are no expected results, because SEO is very important, but it’s not enough
  • Investing in internet marketing is considered to be excessive expense rather than a medium to success – “How much money would all this cost?” is important question, but more important question is “ How much will it pay off and what I will get exactly?”

The things are very simple. You don’t have to accomplished 10 goals but only 1!


This is the essence, bigger picture and the point of online marketing. All the rest are small steps leading to a big goal. Well- designed website is important, but it is not enough. The optimization is crucial while making progress, but it is not a goal for itself. E-mail marketing is an excellent strategy, but it’s not the only one and it doesn’t have to be the best. Good selling texts are the beginning and the end of everything, but they stay in shadows if the things in the middle of the process have not been done correctly etc.

In other words, internet marketing consists of several items which have to be dealt with the same devotion. Only in that way and in this case it brings results. These results are new clients, the loyalty of existing ones, an increase in sales and finally revenue!

How to make internet marketing not to be useless expense?

Your clients are already online, looking for the best thing for them, they are looking for you. You are not present on the internet. Or, you are maybe present but insufficiently and inadequately. Anyway, if you do not attract clients, someone else will obviously do it. Someone who knows what investing in online marketing means and who does it professionally and well- organized. Here are the things you can do today to improve your future business:
  1. How to make a website that sells? The first thing you need for a successful business performance on the internet is a website. A good website is the one that is easily found by your customers on the internet and that communicates with them easily. Website saves your time, because it makes contacts with customers all day and night,therefore enables you to devote to other more important things.
  2. Rank on the first page of Google. However, it is not only enough to make a website. It has to be visited, serve its purpose,  increase your sales and make a profit. The first condition for a website to be well-visited is a good position on search engines (first of all on Google). It is more difficult to rank high position on search engines today than a couple of years ago. The competition is pretty high. In order to be highly ranked, you have to do a good website optimization.
  3.  Increase the sales of your product on Facebook. According to statistics of Facebook company, one of the most popular social network websites on the planet, in February 2014 it was registered over 1.2 billion of users round the world. Only in Europe, over 223 million of active registered users. The owners of well-known, and more and more less-known brands and companies use Facebook today as a new place for selling products or services. It is enormous marketplace to be easily ignored or neglected. Use Facebook in the right way, with our help.

4. How to make an effective internet advert? The other way to increase web traffic of your website is the internet advertising. The advantages of this kind of advertising are multiple

a)      The lowest possible price for advertising. Comparing to traditional ways of advertising, the price of internet advertising is incomparably lower. Google Adwords, as the most famous system pay per click, charges only the finalization, in other words, taking customers to your website. The lowest possible price by which you can take one target customer is 1 euro cent, which is really the lowest possible expense.

b)     The possibility of launching an advert only to your target market. Advertising on the internet can enable small companies with low budget to attract a great number of customers in different regions or cities.

c)      Successful effect measuring of the internet advertising. One of the main advantages of the internet advertising is the possibility of measuring your advert success. Thanks to the existence of many statistical tools, you can, in any moment, know how many people have the possibility to see your advert, how many of them have visited your website and in the end how many of them have bought your product.

How to place an order of the internet marketing services?

There are many factors you have to take into consideration when choosing an agency or an individual that will present you on the internet. The online world does not forgive mistakes so easily. In order to avoid the possibility of any similar mistake, we give you an opportunity completely FREE OF CHARGE online consultations, where we will talk about possible ways and levels of our cooperation, exclusively in accordance with the thing you need and your aspirations.

All internet marketing services that you need in one place

The price of the internet marketing services depends on your goals, budget and the speed of achieving goals. You present to us the things you want, and our marketing team achieves your goal in the agreed deadline. There is a promotional period for our internet marketing services. For those of you who contact us until the end of the month, we do the free of charge internet marketing analysis of your company (the cost of one internet marketing analysis is 350 euro) with the list of steps and activities that should be done in the future period. Entire internet marketing strategy for attracting the largest number of clients.