Increase sales of your products or services by ranking a first page of Google search engine and by writing appropriate copywriting texts on your website.

How do people buy these days? Today, a process of purchase consists of 8 phases:

  1. A customer wants to buy something, a digital camera, for instance
  2. He sits at his computer and opens Google search engine
  3. Types exactly the thing he needs,in other words appropriate “keyword” – digital camera price
  4. Based on a keyword  many websites with this content appear on the screen
  5. He clicks some website- 90% cases the one which is on the of search results
  6. Website and texts open
  7. If he likes the content, if the texts are written in an appropriate, marketing and advertising way, the one a customer understands, he reaches for a phone and calls a company to ask questions or place an order, writes an a-mail, goes to their contact address etc.
  8. Selling process finalizes
Having in mind that today there are many websites, forums, blogs, portals, catalogues etc. that deal with the same topic as we do, when typing an appropriate keyword, there will appear thousands search results. Potential customers, mostly look at the first page (90% of them) or as far as second page and regarding this they shortlist offers, visit websites and read texts.

2 most important phases of selling process today are phase number 3 and 7:

  • Firstly, it is necessary for your website to be on the first page of search engines so that your potential customer can even find you and take into consideration when buying things;
  • Secondly, when visiting a website, text and information which are presented to him must cause a reaction – a call, visit, order and purchase.
How to achieve this? There is, currently, the most efficient selling technique in the world, called SEO Copywriting.

What’s SEO Copywriting?

Simply said, SEO Copywriting is writing of texts for a website that Google, your website visitors and potential customers will love and understand. Only by accomplishing both conditions your aim will not be unattainable forever– new clients, sales increase, brand expending. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) without copywriting (advertising- sales texts) isn’t worth much, and vice versa. SEO optimization will enable your website to be visible, understandable and recognizable for people who search the internet and place it as good as it is possible in search engine results. The internet search engines are sophisticated machines, but they are not as smart as it is thought.

If you write, for instance, about a holiday in Greece, you can use colorful language, metaphors and descriptions attractive to readers, but Google will not understand a single word. Only if you use phrases, appropriate keywords, in other words, as “summer 2014 Greece” or “summer 2014Greece price”, Google will understand you better, accept you as a website which knows its job and rank you in appropriate place on Google search engine, as good as possible ( the first page on Google). The better your keywords match with those words people type in search engine, the more Google will “like” you.

On the other hand, copywriting will help you to make a final point.It’s not so difficult to bring people to your website, but what to do with them later? For majority of people it is an unknown thing. How to keep them, how to make them “share” your content, to return to your website again, to be your clients? How to make benefit and satisfaction mutual? That is when the copywriting sets in. The content of your website, primarily, should be useful, informative, simple and understandable for visitors, but no less interesting and catchy. The main condition is to focus readers’ reaction in a right direction, on your behalf – to make them contact you, become your clients and recommend you. 

For instance, take a look at how one sentence looks like before and after using copywriting: Before: “PHP is an open-source server-side script a language for dynamic generate HTML code, in other words, for dynamic website creating”. After: “PHP is one of the most popular program writing languages. It is used for creating a dynamic website, a website which is easy for typing and editing contents, it is adaptable to users and fulfills their most demanding wishes. This kind of website attracts people’s attention and Google likes them. PHP is free of charge working platform and doesn’t require any license payment.” What’s the difference? Unless you are a web designer or very well- acquainted with the web world, the first sentence will mean nothing to you, because you don’t understand the meaning and purposeof the most of the written things. In the end, this doesn’t sell your products/ services.

Therefore, to summarize, SEO copywriting simultaneously deals with reaching two different but related goals – attracting new clients to your website and their corresponding reaction. SEO copywriting enables your website to finally start to sell.

Meet our SEO copywriting team

“Business Perfectionism” is an agency specialized in providing SEO copywriting services, to all of you who want to improve your business on domestic and foreign marketplace and make a website that makes money.

Our team consists of specialists with proven knowledge and successfully accomplished trainings of SEO copywriting. They cover all segments of SEO copywriting. They left behind thousands successfully realized SEO copywriting projects. These are the people who guarantee that for the shortest possible period you will reach 2 goals:

  • You will be placed on the first page of Google search engine results
  • You will have advertising- sales texts that increase the number of telephone calls

How to be a leading player on the market usingSEO copywriting services?

We search for you not only your competitors (how successful they are, how Google sees them, how visitors see them etc.) but also customers (their way of thinking, their habits, wishes, needs etc.). Information we gather will be used in our texts and advertising messages for your website that provides you with:
  1. An advantage upon your competition in search engine results – they will get to you faster and easier than to other companies’ websites, because you will be ranked better
  1. Satisfied customers because you will offer them exactly the thing they need
  2. Much more clients
  3. Much more telephone calls, product/ service orders
  4. Brand expansion and being highly recognizable in the online world
  5. Increase of financial potential of your company, growth and steady development
Words are powerful weapon. Only one word can make you wise or stupid. A bad reputation can hardly be built up. Leave nothing to chance and plan carefully the next step to your goal.

What does SEO copywriting service involve?

SEO copywriting service involves these activities:
  • Searching for keywords and concepts related to your business which the internet users type
  • Copywriting texts ( about Us, reasons why, texts about profits, product/ service sales texts, FAQ texts, slogan creating, effective advertising messages on the first and inside pages, creating copywriting headings, creating guarantee texts, credibility, promotional periods etc.)
  • Creating description tag targets ( creating headings and descriptions of a webpage for search engines as well as a list of keywords you will be recognized for)
  • Creating Header tags ( headings and subheadings written according to Google standards)
  • Creating introductory passages according to Google and SEO standards
  • The optimization of using bold, italic and underline text options.
  • The optimization of the internet links ( links that have to keep your visitors as long as possible on your website)
  • The development of web texts
  • Creating educational contents on your website
  • Creating promotional contents
  • Creating event contents
  • Creating news contents
  • The optimization of blog texts according to SEO standards

We guarantee that your website will, in the shortest possible period, become a place that will attract new and keep current clients.

What is the price of SEO copywriting services?

The price of SEO copywriting services depends on your aspirations, needs, possibilities and plans.

There is a promotional period on all SEO copywriting services. All interested companies which contact us during this period get FREE OF CHARGE SEO copywriting analysis of their website – text analysis on the website and the ranking on the search engine with the instructions what to do ( the price of the analysis is 350 euro). How does it function? Send us a request and our team will send you, in the shortest possible time, a high quality analysis with the suggestions you have to implement in the future period. You are not obliged to engage us if you don’t agree with the necessary steps you have to take and proposed strategies. After analysis insight of the problem and acquaintance with the proposed solutions, the decision whether to take an action or not is only yours.