Social networks dominate on the internet today

Traditional presence in online world through websites is not simply enough today. Here is the reason why?

The time of “static medias” passed a long time ago, when one page only gives information, the other only reads, listens and absorbs.

People want to get involved in the communication and give their personal opinion. They want interaction. The more people gather around one topic, the more popular it becomes. You have to be on “hotspots”, where something is going on- on social networks. And what is happening on website? Inserting a new price list certainly will not attract new customers.

Most of the time spent on the internet is spent on social networks, because everything is on one place – news, promotions, information, fun etc. At the same time, it is simply not possible on a website.

The internet moves boundaries of marketing and communication. Nobody wants to be a part of a crowd. As an individual, consumer wants you to know his wishes, his disapprovals, and that his vote is greatly valuable. On social networks such, individual target marketing, is much easier to achieve than through any other channel of communication.

If you want to promote your products and services successfully on the internet and to get to new clients, the fastest way is to use social networks. You have to be present at the same place where your customers are.” Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” said Les Brown, a famous American orator and politician. And we say- don’t be afraid to conquer the world!

And 7 more reasons why you should use social networks in your business

  1. 88% of media and communication experts consider social networks important for doing business, since we work and live in a digital economy era
  2. You can use social networks not only for selling, brand promotion and online PR but also for customer relationship management and employment. Furthermore, you can use them to connect with potential partners.
  3. Expensive researches of the public media are useless. Through social networks, almost immediately, you can find out how users react on your services or products, which provides you with a guideline, what your next step is
  1. You have to be present on the internet today. It is not essential to have a website (even if it is desirable), but an account on social networks yes. It’s cheaper, easier for maintaining, you have a possibility for higher interaction and faster communication with users
  2. In case you have an official website, its connection with social networks will attract more visitors and have an influence on better position of the website on the internet search engines
  3. Social networks are dynamic and available to almost everybody, therefore they are an excellent channel of communication with majority of users
  4. If you want to increase your online credibility, integrate into new marketplaces and build a professional environment, then social networks are unavoidable medium leading to your goals.

What does Facebook social network have that others don’t ?


By the end of 2013 the number of active Facebook users reached 1.23 billion, which is almost equal to the number of Indian population, today, the 2.most- populated country in the world. According to last estimation data, until 2015, the number of Facebook users can even outnumber the population of the world’s most- populated country in the world – China, whose population reaches 1.3 billion people.

Facebook social networkis a new market with a great potential, which gives companies opportunities such as:
  • Attracting a great number of new clients (fan page, funny posts, lottery, competitions etc.)
  • Accurate targeting – an easy way to get to suitable customers interested only in you
  • Low prices for promoting – advertising expenses through Facebook (PPC marketing) are even several hundred lower comparing to traditional ways of advertising (billboards, papers, radio, TV)
  • A wide range of advertising – paid Facebook advert, Newsfeed advert, paid Facebook posts etc.
  • Measuring of results- you can accurately measure and analyze every effort
  • Simple, fast and informal communication for future and current customers
  • Increasing brand visibility in public
  • Building loyalty and long-term relations with customers

And what can Twitter, Google plus, LinekdIn social networks offer?

Twitter social network, with currently 230 million of active users, is an excellent channel for promotion and attracting loyal customers. It is used for posting short, meaningful messages- tweets, that will be useful to your customers. Twitter enables you to create more intimate relation with both current and prospective customers. It presents an excellent customer service and support, if they have some questions or problems regarding your product or service. You can find out easily what others think and write about you, since Twitter enables immediate information spreading through its network.

Running Twitter account will bring you some results – customers’ trust, remarkable company image in the public as well as strengthening of your brand – only if you are building relation with people gradually, with good quality and focused. Facebook does not forgive mistakes, but Twitter even less than that. For that reason, you have to approach carefully and sincerely to promotion of your company on Twitter.

Majority of companies do not have an account only on one social network, but use several of them at the same time, because of the specialty and advantages of each social network.

In this way LinekdIn social network is intended for business networking and business contacts. In this moment there are 259 million active users per month. Companies use LinekdIn to get their business closer to greater number of people and gather influential individuals within their interest groups. LinekdIn is also the right place if you are looking for new staff you would employ.

Google plus is an unavoidable thing of every company that has a website and which cares that its website is well- positioned on Google search engine. The thing that will certainly attract you to this social network is an easy usage and effective visual identity. Google plus registers 300 million active users at the moment.

What can our internet marketing agency do for you?

When marketing and social network promotion is in question, our marketing agency offers a reliable partnership. We approach every client separately and create the best individual strategy, with the aim of effective internet promotion and strengthening of your business. It is necessary to know how to find certain measure- attract and keep attention of your target group not being pushy and annoying.

Like the sun after the rain, social networks will brighten up your business. Get to know how, by having consultations with us since they are free of charge and under no obligations. It’s enough to be willing to make a progress and contact us. Deal freely with the quality of your products and services while we will make sure that you are not in the shadows of your competitors, but ahead of them, with satisfied present and future clients.

Accelerate your path to success

The price for social media marketing services depends on your aspirations, your available marketing budget, speed of achieving your goals. You define the things you want and our internet marketing team achieves your goals for the agreed deadline.

There is a promotional period now for social media marketing services. For those of you who contact us until the end of the month, we do free of charge analysis of your launch on the internet (the value of such analysis is 200euro), with the list of steps and activities you need to do in the shortest period of time. Total Social media strategy for attracting a great number of clients through Facebook and other social networks.