How to rank on of Google search engine?

An average internet user (the internet today equals Google) does not have any idea how search engines work and why exactly these websites appear on the first page for a certain item they type in. And, they don’t care. They need specific answers to specific questions, for instance, the temperature in Nis, the prices of sofas in Belgrade, holiday in Greece 2014… According to simple logic –first come, first served- will chose the answer , website, that is the “closest”, that appears among first 10 on the first page on Google. And that’s it, nobody goes further from first, possibly, second page. Neither you, nor your neighbors, friends, clients do.Nobody. An average internet user does not have to know how and why this particular website appears as a solution to his problem, but you have to know!

SEO optimization or Search Engine Optimization is an item that from now on should be crystal clear to you, because the thing you can achieve with it will open a door of one totally new world of business prosperity.

Good keywords rather than good product, generate profit

Do you have a website through which you try to launch yourself on the market and promote and sell your products or services? Do you plan to create one? You should have this in mind – no matter how attractive, interesting, functional your website looks, the thing you offer is a “right thing”, nobody will get to know you if you are invisible on Google, if you are not positioned on first two pages of Google search engines when typing a specific item, keyword, related to your business.

This is SEO optimization, adjusting website content to demands of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.), so that they recognize it as a hardworking and important for users and place it at the top of the list, ahead of your competitors.

It can sound harsh- clients and the quality of services and products are important, but Google is more important than them. However, without Google, there are neither clients nor revenue, nor business expansion, your name on the list of most popular and successful brands. Simply speaking, neglecting the importance of optimization of a website for Google and other search engines puts you into a situation to strand on a desert island and fight for bare existence. Why would you do that?

Every serious company today focuses the biggest part of its internet promotion on a good optimization of its website. SEO marketing has become an unavoidable factor on the internet, because new websites appear daily, therefore a competition is higher and higher. It’s not easy to rank on the first page of Google, but to remain there is even harder. SEO or search engine optimization is essential way to success, there is no shortcut, results will not be visible over the night, but the benefit is guaranteed.

How to rank on the first page of Google search results

How can you make a website that is highly ranked on Google and other search engines, team of SEO professionals offer you a service “Optimization of your internet presentation” after which the first page on Google will become reality. Using our services, your internet presentation will place among first 10 for appropriate keyword, it will be on the first page of search engine results. Thus, all potential clients will find you easily.

Our objective is not only to rank you among first 10 for appropriate keyword but also to keep you there. It requires continual monitoring of the optimization of competitors’ websites, keeping up to date with the popularity of certain keywords, monitoring website traffic statistics, the most frequent keywords, the most visited web page etc.

We take all the necessary actions, responsibility and care of your website, until the first page on Google becomes the reality. Our several year experience in fields of websites optimization guarantee a well-optimized website that ranks high in search engines and provides the sales of your products or services.

What do SEO optimization services involve?

Specifically, the package of SEO services involves:
  • The research and implementation of strong keywords
  • Research of your target groups
  • Research of SEO competitors
  • Plan of SEO strategy
  • Choice of quality domain and hosting packages (companies)
  • Creating targets for description tags
  • Creating SEO texts
  • Getting Alt tags of photos according to SEO standards
  • Optimization of categories and subcategories
  • Optimization of hyperlink tags
  • Optimization of the usage of bold, italic and underline text style
  • Correct use of Header tags (H1-H6)
  • Correct use of introductory paragraphs
  • Creating a correct website map ( for a website + search engines)


  • Redirection of domain
  • Optimization of internal linking
  • Optimization through social networks
  • SEO optimization checking
  • Regular reporting, testing and optimizing

What is the price of SEO optimization services?

The price of SEO optimization services depends on your aspirations, needs and possibilities. You say what your aspiration is and our SEO team, in the shortest possible period, accomplishes it.

There is a promotional period for SEO optimization services. For all of you who contact us till the end of the month, we do free of charge analysis of your website according to SEO optimization standards (the value of this service is 250euros), with a list of steps and activities that should be done in the future period. Complete SEO analysis and solutions for fast ranking on of Google search engine.